Time Out Dubai - Al Fanar

This Emirati restaurant serves up delicious cuisine with a slice of history thrown in for good measure. Located within a converted pearl merchant’s house, patrons can dine outside at the traditional majlis on floor cushions or at the tables opposite. Inside, there are dozens of photographs of Old Dubai in the ‘60s depicting Bedouin life. The restaurant’s Souq Moshad sells all kinds of traditional trinkets and is dedicated to the memory of the Indian spice merchant who imported the idea of street markets to the emirate. Waiting staff are friendly, though sometimes appear confused by the menu. The kafat samak (fish cakes) to start and the threed deyay (chicken stew) are both tasty, homely and comforting. This can be followed up with a sweet treat of leqaimat (fried dough drenched in date syrup). Al Fanar is a brilliant place to experience traditional Emirati cooking, culture and history, but the service could be sharper.


Al Fanar Restaurant & Cafe 


Est. 2011