Al Fanar Restaurant & Cafe

With an ambience of Dubai in the 1960’s, and with the taste of Authentic Emirati Cuisine, Al Fanar Restaurant & Cafe will revive the memories of Dubai when it was a small town on the shore of the Arabian Gulf at an idyllic spot close to the creek-with rows of wind towers surrounded by Al Badia oasis, with tents and Barasti huts where fishermen, pearl merchants and Bedouins lived.



A themed rustic setting of the interior inspired from Dubai’s various facets in 1960s, it offers diners a unique experience recreated from the age-old traditions. Every corner of the restaurant has a story to tell. The multifaceted facades speak of history-a bygone tale of how the house was built thru generations. The humble, yet rich traditions of the east are manifested in the architectural character-so distinct and noble. Emirati Cuisine is a traditional Arabic cuisine from United Arab Emirates and shares similarities with Indian and Persian cuisines

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